Make Your Collateral Easy for Your Reps to Use

No matter how great your collateral is, it can’t achieve ROI unless your reps use it. But do your reps know how to deploy the collateral to the best effect? With a sales tool user guide, you’ll get the most out of your marketing investment and and help your reps close more deals more quickly.

Your sales tool user guide that lays out which pieces of collateral to use for specific situations, and at what points in the sales cycle to use them. This is the intelligent way to connect content marketing with the sales process.

  • I work with your marketing department to inventory all of your collateral and interview your sales managers to understand your sales process
  • Your sales tool user guide is organized to follow the flow of your sales cycle. It shows which types of collateral are suitable for each stage and lists the relevant collateral that is available
  • The sales tool user guide includes a table of contents and two indices: one is organized by collateral types and one is organized alphabetically
  • This document will ensure that you get the maximum ROI on all of your collateral
  • It may also reveal gaps in your collateral inventory so that you can budget for the development of needed materials
  • Your sales tool user guide is delivered in PDF format for your reps and in MS Word so that your own marketing department can keep it up to date as new collateral is developed