The Sales Rep's Answer Book is a selling tool your reps will use

You need to get your new sales representatives into the field as quickly as possible. But if you’re a mid-sized or fast-growing company, your new rep may be in front of clients for months before sales training can be arranged.  Or maybe your reps have been to training but still want supporting documentation that will help them remain committed to your particular sales process.

Equip your sales reps to win deals with a customized training guide. Your book can include whatever your sales reps need, such as:

  • Value proposition
  • Competitive analysis
  • Pricing structure and price comparisons
  • Sales processes
  • Whatever else you want your reps to know

Your selling tool can easily be updated as your competition and markets evolve. It can be formatted as a paperback in a variety of sizes, and it can also be distributed as a tablet-friendly ebook.

Not ready to commit to the full selling tool? Start with the objection sheet. Then purchase the comparison matrix. When you’re ready, we can complete the remaining sections of the selling tool and combine everything into a single deliverable.