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Silver Books

Content sells, but how do you get your content noticed in the avalanche of papers and files that your competitors are delivering to your leads?

You're a thought leader. You have a unique take on your industry that you want to share. Is a blog enough to get you where you should be"

Try something different. Try a silver book.

A silver book is a commercial-quality paperback book. Its content is up to you, and it can be used in a number of ways to shorten the sales cycle.

A silver book can be used to:

         Break into an account

o   Drop-ship your book to a prospect. It is certain to be opened, because who wouldn’t open a package from Amazon? Then your sales rep can follow up with a phone call asking if the package was received.

o   Your reps can customize the book with their direct contact information so they can be sure to get credit toward their quotas. 

         Build credibility with decision-makers

o   Your competitors have provided white papers. You’ve provided a book. Your company is perceived as having ‘written the book’ on your segment. And you can customize any section to appeal to a particular account.

         Establish your company as a thought leader

o   A book that presents your thought leadership makes you a known entity, and people are more likely to buy from a provider that is known to them. You can develop your position as a thought leader by repurposing your book’s contents for an entire campaign; your book can be the source of webinars, tweets, and advertisements.

There are many other ways to use this easily updated product.Call 410-687-6878 to talk about how you can use a silver book to shorten your sales cycle and extend your brand.

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