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Custom Sales Presentations on Tap

Sales reps belong in front of customers, not fiddling with slides. And even when reps are provided with branded templates, the presentations don't always turn out as focused as they should be.

Imagine how much more productive your reps could be if they could simply make a phone call to a content expert, have a 30-minute conversation, and receive a compelling and logical presentation on your company's template in a short amount of time. That is how easy it is to outsource your presentations to Machines & Words.

For a monthly retainer, Machines & Words will develop an agreed-upon number of presentations at a discounted rate. If you need more presentations than your retainer covers, additional work can be provided at the same discounted fee up to a certain number of presentations.

The work product is the content of the slides. We will keep your company's templates on file and provide you with a complete presentation based on your sales rep's input.

We specialize in quickly turning out polished presentations that match your brand. The process is as easy as possible; your rep sends us his notes and we conduct a brief phone conversation to understand his goals. He doesn't have to be at his desk to supply us with everything we need to give him a perfect presentation -- he can call us while he drives to a customer visit or home to his family.

Considering what a big impression a sales presentation can make on a customer -- especially when it's not well done  -- the benefits of outsourcing your presentations are clear.

Are any of your reps in the office right now trying to create a presentation good enough to make a sale? Set them free to visit their accounts by calling 410-687-6878 to discuss your presentations. A free trial is just a phone call away.


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