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Security Topics
Case Studies
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Security Topics

No Threat is an Island: The Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis

Excerpt from ebook in progress on analytic pivoting

DLP Campaign Collateral


Data Sheet


Big Story, Big Sale: New Ways to Use Long-Length Content Marketing to Sell Complex Products
Develop a market for a new product -- custom books for tech companies.

OBSTACLES: Lack of familiarity, no record of succcess.

SOLUTION: Write a book to show the format. The content is the benefits plus problems/solutions. Use the book as a marketing tool.

SAMPLE: Big Story, Big Sale

The Sales Rep's Answer Book: How to Develop Custom Answer Books for Your Sales Team
OBJECTIVE: Develop a market for a new product -- selling tools for sales reps.

OBSTACLES: Lack of familiarity.

SOLUTION: Write a book to describe benefits. Use the book as a marketing tool.

SAMPLE: The Sales Rep's Answer Book

Case studies

OBJECTIVE: Use stories to build credibility for new methodology. Focus on benefits, CVP, and USP.

OBSTACLES: This selection of case studies is from a single company with a wide range of clients but not many in any one vertical. The company was trying to gain traction in dry goods, hospitality, and several other verticals.

RESPONSE: Find a way to tell a consistent story about a wide variety of businesses and solutions. Develop a consistent format to suit many complex situations.

SAMPLES: Here are three samples from several dozen case studies for this company.


Franklin Covey

Knoll Pharmaceuticals


OBJECTIVE: Answer objections and provide benefits in a single piece of collateral.

OBSTACLES: Finding a way to addresss multiple objections without drawing attention to the number of objections.

RESPONSE:  A handout based  on a familiar formula, the  W's of journalism (who, what, where, etc.). The familiarity of the W's  obscures the number of objections.



OBJECTIVE: To build credibilty for a new company selling a complex and expensive new product.

OBSTACLES: Lack of a track record, lack of client testimonials.

RESPONSE: Develop a document that allies the company with big, reliable names in technology.


Crisis management

OBJECTIVE: After a data center outage that impacted customers for an extended length of time, this hosting company revamped its processes and needed a document that both laid out the new procedures and reassured the client base.

OBSTACLES: There was a lot of material to cover. Reliability had to be addressed without making customers think too much about everything that could go wrong.

RESPONSE:  Short, punchy responses with focused subject headers to make the material easy to digest and not too alarming.


Documentation - upon request

Engenia Software User Manual

New Israel Fund


Over 150 technical research articles. 


Developing Multimedia Content with SMIL

Will SIP Make Ubiquitous Computing a Reality?

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